Struggling NJ Homeowners Must Apply for Assistance by December 15

Time is running out for struggling New Jersey homeowners to apply for mortgage grant assistance. The state is suspending their HomeSaver and HomeKeeper programs indefinitely at the end of the year. For now, homeowners must apply for help by December 15 if they want to be considered for assistance.

"We know there need for foreclosure help in New Jersey is still high, so we're urging homeowners to reach out and apply for help while they still can," says Stephanie Bittner, Senior NJ Outreach Manager for Clarifi.

HomeSaver and HomeKeeper offer homeowners up to $50,000 to bring their mortgage current to avoid foreclosure.

Homeowners may be eligible for the programs if they’re facing a job loss, reduced income or other hardships, including those related to a divorce, disability or death. Residents who are underwater (owe more than their home is worth) may also be eligible.

Both programs must be applied for through a HUD-certifed housing counseling agency such as Clarifi. The nonprofit has offices in Atlantic, Burlington and Camden Counties.

How Homeowners Can Get Free Help to Apply

Clients can make a free appointment with Clarifi online at or by calling 855-971-6635.

"We've made agency-wide preparations to ensure we can handle a higher volume of clients," adds Bittner. "Our goal is to help as many people as possible."

The public portal to submit program applications will close on December 15th, but homeowners can still apply through a housing counseling agency by December 31st. However, Clarifi is urging consumers to apply as early as possible given the length of time it takes to collect necessary documentation and complete applications.

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