LaSalle workshop focuses on program evaluation

Program evaluation is part of our language and culture, especially when dealing with funders and other stakeholders. While it’s rarely someone’s favorite activity, it undeniably provides information useful to understanding our programs and making choices and decisions. Thus, the evaluation process is about more than pleasing a funder. It enables you to understand, verify or increase the impact of your services, demonstrating outcomes. The process forces us to move beyond our instincts, anecdotal information, or educated guesses, to know what clients really need, whether we are providing that and whether resources are being directed effectively.

With evaluation and the accurate data it provides, we can improve our delivery systems and become more efficient, as we identify strengths and weaknesses. This class provides an overview of program evaluation tools, including a step-by-step model, as you engage in focused dialogue about concrete ways to assess your programs. You will leave with proven tools, approaches, techniques and ideas that are customizable to the evaluation.

When and Where: January 24, 2018, 9 am to 4 pm, Historical Society of PA, 1300 Locust St., Philadelphia.

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