Chester County Fund opens applications for women, girls programs

In 2015, the Chester County Fund for Women and Girls (CCFWG) completed a comprehensive strategic plan process that incorporated the input of stakeholders within the community to develop a vision, mission, and strategic direction for the future. As a result of this process, CCFWG has adopted a new mission to lead and unite the community through philanthropy and advocacy to ensure that women and girls have resources and opportunities to thrive.

Based upon this process, CCFWG also adopted a new organizational and grantmaking framework that aligns with the new strategic direction. The objective of CCFWG’s grantmaking activities is to create positive impact in the four community-identified priority areas for women and girls. As a result, CCFWG will support organizations that address the following priorities:

    Meet the core needs of women and girls;
    Improve access to economic opportunities for women and girls;
    Promote health and wellness by addressing needs specifically related to the health of women and girls; and
    Invest in systems and sustainable change efforts to challenge gender inequality

Examples of services provided by our grantees include, but are not limited to:

    Vocational training and workforce preparation
    STEM programming for girls
    Case management for teenage mothers
    Improved access to women’s health service
    Domestic violence services
    Housing and homelessness prevention
    Campaign to raise awareness about gender disparity in number of locally elected officials
    Youth development programming focused on girls leadership and/or empowerment

Through investment in these areas, CCFWG hopes to play an active role in providing equality and security for women and girls, making our communities stronger and more vibrant for everyone.

The Core Grants Program Grant Application opened December 1, 2017.

The application is available here.

Please see the Core Grants Request for Proposals for additional information.

To learn more about CCFWG’s grantmaking, contact Michelle Legaspi-Sanchez, Executive Director at 484-356-0940.