SEPTA changes ID requirements for free and reduced transportation

Starting January 16th, SEPTA will no longer accept Medicare or Railroad Retirement cards for free and reduced-fare rides.

SEPTA had initially announced this change would take effect January 1st, but has extended the deadline two weeks to give riders additional time to prepare. The phase-out of Medicare and Railroad Retirement cards is part of the transition to the SEPTA Key Photo ID Card system. Seniors 65 and older will continue to ride free at all times on all SEPTA transit routes – buses, trolleys, trackless trolleys, subways and the Market Frankford Line/Norristown High Speed Line. In addition, seniors will still pay a $1 fare on Regional Rail for travel within Pennsylvania and receive 50 percent off the weekday fare for travel to/from New Jersey and Delaware.

SEPTA will continue to accept Pennsylvania driver’s licenses and non-driver photo IDs with magnetic stripes (issued prior to July 2017). Paper Senior Citizen Transit ID Cards will also continue to be accepted for senior rides until further notice. People with disabilities will continue to be eligible to receive half off fares by using the SEPTA Key Reduced Fare Card and paying the discounted fare, as they have with Medicare Cards and paper Pennsylvania Reduced Transit Fare ID Cards. Paper Pennsylvania Reduced Transit Fare ID Cards will continue to be accepted for reduced fares until further notice.

For more details, visit the SEPTA website.