Fathers Club program offered at YMCA, APM

The Fathers Club is a fatherhood class that is in its fourth year in the city of Philadelphia. It is a free male parenting class. Our hope is that you will use us as a referral in cases where you feel information, education, and positive peer pressure for a father may be the solution.

Classes are now being offered at the West Philadelphia YMCA at 5120 Chestnut Street and at APM Lounge, 1116 East Luzerne Street, Philadelphia.

The Fathers Club is a holistic approach to fatherhood groups. Our program runs for eight months out of the year with strong participation, and changing subject matter. We combine a certified fatherhood curriculum with group discussion to reduce barriers to positive parenting. We address the real experiences and challenges of fathers through group discussions that provide support, information and motivation in areas of parenthood, relationships, discipline, legal issues, co-parenting, and responsible fatherhood. 

Participants register in class
• We provide guest speakers from area resources and services.
• Meet once a week for two hours
• Meet with all father, care givers, and step fathers of all ages and backgrounds
• Program is free to all attendees
• Program provides certificates to attendees monthly(per subject)
• Meet evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm (YMCA) or 5:30-7:30pm (APM)
• Food is served every night, to participants and their children.

YMCA: Register during any class, or call 610-579-3237, or email here.

APM: Register by calling 267-234-7450, or in class at APM Lounge, 1116 East Luzerne Street, Philadelphia.