Apply for Drug Deactivation Resources from AmerisourceBergen

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation launched a Municipal Support Program to help combat opioid abuse nationwide and promote the safe disposal of unused or expired opioids.

The program enables municipalities nationwide to apply for drug deactivation resources and distribute these resources within their community. These resources will be distributed at no cost. Quantities will be determined based on needs of each community.

The disposal resources use a new technology which, when combined with water, effectively deactivate opioids, rendering them ineffective for misuse and providing a safe solution for site-of-use disposal.

The application form to apply for the drug deactivation resources can be found here. Alternatively, municipal entities interested in this program can reach out directly to Susan Lorenz-Fisher below:

Susan Lorenz-Fisher
Director, Corporate Citizenship
(610) 576-5600