Campaign calls on Harrisburg to increase support for public schools

The non-partisan grassroots PA Schools Work campaign launched last week to call on the state to pay its fair share and adequately and equitably fund public education. 

The overarching goals for the campaign include:

  • Increasing basic education funding by at least $3 billion through the state’s fair funding formula.
  • Ensuring all special education students get the high-quality, inclusive services they need and deserve by increasing, over the next five years, the state’s share of special education funding up to 35 percent of special education costs.
  • Ensuring that funding for career and technical education (CTE) is adequately and equitably distributed so that every student who chooses to pursue CTE can get learning opportunities that allow them to progress towards an industry-based credential in their chosen career.

The campaign launch included a state Capitol press conference urging the General Assembly to approve the Governor’s proposed increases of $100 million for basic education, $20 million for special education, and $10 million for career and technical education in the 2018-19 budget.

These investments are critical because Pennsylvania has one of the widest gaps between the highest and lowest spending school districts of any state in the country, meaning that the educational opportunities available to a student depends largely on where that student lives.

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