PANO webinar to discuss how to prepare board minutes

Ever heard the classic tale of "Goldilocks and the Board Meeting Minutes"? No? Really?! Well, it goes a little something like this...

Goldilocks is heavily involved in her community. When she isn't busy breaking into the homes of unsuspecting bears in the woods and eating all their porridge, she is hard at work searching for new board opportunities.

The first organization she worked with was ok, but their board meeting minutes just went on and on and on with no breaks whatsoever.

The next had board meeting minutes that were so brief she couldn't tell if the board was even involved at all.

Then she worked with an organization where the board meeting minutes simply consisted of report after report after report.

Finally, she found her home sweet home with an organization whose board meeting minutes were juuuuuuuuuust right - they contained the right amount of detail, reflected the right amount of board interaction, and were strategic in nature.

And she lived happily ever after as chair of that board (until her term limit was up).

It's not just the stuff of fairytales - you, too, can have board meeting minutes that are juuuuuuuust right!  If you feel you're already in that sweet spot, maybe you want to attend anyway for a review of best practices. If you're not quite there yet, this workshop from the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations is definitely for you!

Guidelines for Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 23 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM | Webinar
Presented by: Tish Mogan, Standards for Excellence Director, PANO

We will cover best practice guidelines for board meeting minutes that provide important areas for “your record of corporate actions”. We will discuss how to assist the board in maintaining a strategic focus in the way that minutes are compiled. AND you will receive resources and tools you can use for your next set of minutes.

Registrants will have a chance to win a credit on a 90-minute online PANO program of your choice by completing a fun activity prior to the program.

To register, go here.