Deadline nears for public health improvement grants

Grants up to $60,000 are available for innovation that improves the health of the Philadelphia community.

As a city, Philadelphia has the second highest in smoking rates in the US at 25.5%, is the sixth least active city at 29% rate of inactivity and the poverty rate is the highest among the nation’s 10 largest cities.

But we can fix it.

The Problem
Many factors or social determinants of health, contribute to these differences. Access to affordable, quality housing and healthy foods, quality education, public transportation, green spaces and the opportunity for well-paying jobs are just a few examples.

The Opportunity: You’re Invited
Even though there are many challenges in urban communities, there are also plenty of opportunities. Identify a problem that effects the health of the North, West and/or Southwest regions of Philadelphia. Solutions are wide and diverse. Consider the following:

    Healthy Food Access
    Clean Water Tech
    Mobile and Voice Tech
    Urban Planning
    Affordable Housing
    Healthcare Access
    STEM | Afterschool
    Workforce Training

Qualifying candidates/organizations will participate in a 4-week accelerator experience that focuses on customer discovery, marketing, financing and brand message storytelling.

Finalists will present their projects to a panel of judges at the Social Determinants of Health Conference on September 24th at Temple University. The top three organizations will have an opportunity to receive either:

✓ A $30,000 grant for 1st place
✓ A $20,000 grant for 2nd place
✓ A $10,000 grant for 3rd place

Deadline: July 23, 2018

For more information, go here.