Almost 40,000 homeless students in PA schools: report

A new report from the Pennsylvania Department of Education identifies its largest number ever of children and youth experiencing homelessness – 38,823!


  • The data suggests that homelessness of children and youth is increasing.
  • Perhaps, surprisingly, Philadelphia is not the largest region identifying homeless students. Region 2 identified 8,937 compared to Philadelphia’s 7,112.
  • Four school districts identified more than one thousands homeless students. They are Allegheny, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Reading.
  • Three school districts – Harrisburg, Lebanon, and York - identified from 500 to 999 homeless students.
  • Thirty-one school districts, including several charters, identified between 100 and 499 homeless students. he charters are Agora Cyber Charter (Chester), Belmont (Philadelphia), Chester Community Charter (Delaware), and PA Cyber Charter (Beaver).

Pennsylvania’s rate of homeless students compared to all Pennsylvania children under 18 is 1.4 percent.

Dauphin County has the highest rate of homeless students compared to all children in the county. Union county has the lowest.

Read the report here.