PolicyLab report maps food insecurity of CHOP patients

In a new study, a PolicyLab research team took a closer look at food insecurity data collected through screening patients and families at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). They mapped out where food-insecure families lived, how far their homes were from the nearest large grocery story or food pantry, as well as the characteristics of their neighborhoods.

These comprehensive maps were a reminder of how much of a role where you live can play in your ability to stay healthy.

For example, we found that more than 40 percent of food-insecure families live more than half a mile from the nearest food pantry—and many don’t have cars to get there. In this instance, we see that simply providing a family with the name of their closest food pantry or grocery store may not go the distance to address their needs.

Combining data with environmental and neighborhood details can help us go beyond screening to better understand and address the challenges families are facing to ensure they have healthy lives no matter where they live.

The full article is available for download (fee charged) here.