New Philadelphia ID card available to city residents

Residents of Philadelphia can now apply for a municipal photo ID card.

The city plans to issue the cards for people who don't have other forms of identification, such as driver's licenses.

Anyone who is age 13 or older can get a PHL City ID. The card will display the cardholder's name, address, date of birth and self-identified gender.

The cards will be available in multiple languages and can be used as an ID within the city and to access city buildings, city recreation centers and for other situations requiring identification.

Users can also link their library card to their PHL City ID so that it also functions as their library card.

The ID cards can be obtained at City Hall. In order to get your PHL City ID, you need to first make an appointment.

You will need to provide documentation verifying your identity and proving your residency within the city.

The cards range in cost, from $5 to $10, depending upon the age of the person applying. It is free for everyone 65 and older.

The City of Philadelphia website has more information on PHL City ID, including what documents you will need to bring and how to make an appointment.