Bebashi seeks Health Enterprise Zone advisors

Bebashi is inviting established community leaders to serve on our newly-formed Community Advisory Board. If you or someone you know would be a good fit and are interested in providing support and feedback to Bebashi’s team in the implementation of our recently awarded Health Enterprise Zone (HEZ) grant, we want to hear from you!

Since 1985, Bebashi has worked tirelessly to address the needs of Philadelphians affected by HIV/AIDS. Our Second Helping Food Pantry was initially born out of a need to provide nutritional support to our clients living with HIV. In response to the growing need of the community, the cupboard began serving low-income individuals regardless of serostatus. In a city where over 22% of its residents experience food insecurity, it is no wonder that the Second Helping Food Cupboard has grown into one of our largest programs with over 3,500 individuals fed each year.

Earlier this year, Bebashi was awarded a grant from the Commonwealth’s Department of Human Services through its HEZ project. This grant targets specific areas of the city in special need of focused social services. Through the HEZ grant, Bebashi plans to expand the reach of our hunger relief initiatives by partnering with community stakeholders to create a grassroots network of Peer Support Workers, community partners, and human service professionals committed to expanding access to Bebashi’s nutritional resources.

Our HEZ grant project’s success is contingent on our partnerships/ relationships with our valued community leaders. We welcome your participation in our work!

For more details, go here or email Patrick Keough.