1199C Training Fund seeks part-time instructors

District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund seeks to hire part-time instructors. Multiple positions will be available for various departments, include working with youth programs, ages 17 to 24, and/or adult basic education programs. The Training Fund seeks instructors who can teach Mathematics and/or Language Arts at various educational functioning levels, including high school equivalency, such as HISET/GED curricula. HISET/GED programs may also need instructors who can teach Science and Social Studies. Some programs require contextualized instruction related to healthcare, human services, and early childhood. Part time teaching hours may vary with opportunities available for day, afternoon, and evening classes.

Instructors are responsible for developing a relevant workforce contextualized syllabus, provide facilitated instruction including project based learning, incorporate computer technology, document student progress, maintain student portfolios, and participate in team meetings and all assigned professional development activities.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

• Achieve the goals for the class and the student.
• Work with learners on activities related to their individual and collective goals of obtaining employment, and/or entering post-secondary education.
• Plan lessons in advance using appropriate instructional materials and techniques for developing critical thinking skills.
• Plan lessons in advance to address individual student learning needs and class based instruction.
• Integrate technology in both classroom and supplemental activities and internet sites with relevant practice or research materials.
• Promote student engagement and collaborative learning.
• Work with students individually to support their specific education and career goals.
• Deliver instruction as an inquiry-based learning process that includes interactive activities, scaffolding and evidence-based practice teaching methodology.
• Attend all team meetings and professional development activities.
• Perform all related administrative duties and reporting such as: constructing a syllabus, preparing lesson plans, completing timesheets, documenting student attendance, academic progress, assessments and submitting monthly reports to the career coach.
• Instructors must have content based expertise in the subject they are teaching.
• Instructors must turn in lesson plans and syllabus for all class.
• Instructors must use facilitation-based instruction.

Education and/or Experience: Bachelor’s Degree in Education with 3 – 5 years’ experience teaching Adult and/or Youth Learners