Casey Foundation issues report on generational poverty efforts

In 2012, the Annie E. Casey Foundation began searching for partners for its seven-year Family-Centered Community Change™(FCCC) initiative. The effort sought to integrate often disconnected services for kids and adults in several high-poverty neighborhoods to strengthen the entire family.

  • More than 8.5 million of the nation’s children live in high-poverty areas, places often lacking critical resources for their healthy development.
  • High-quality early childhood education builds a solid foundation for a child’s development and academic success, but more than half of the nation’s children are not enrolled in preschool.
  • More than 23.5 million children live in families where no parent has regular full-time employment.

A new report reviews the Foundation’s experiences and contributions as an investor and summarizes what the participating communities — Buffalo, New York; Columbus, Ohio; and San Antonio, Texas — learned about using a two-generation approach to working with children and parents.

FCCC is a place-based strategy devoted to improving outcomes for children and parents living in high-poverty neighborhoods. The initiative works to bolster family well-being in three key areas: 1) economic stability; 2) parent engagement and leadership; and 3) early child care and education.

To view the full report, go here.