Youth homeless coalition seeks 'early adopters' of operating principles

Last year, the Philly Homes 4 Youth Coalition formally adopted the Coalition’s Organizational Operating Principles, a series of commitments for agencies serving vulnerable youth in the areas of Youth-Centered Practice, Life-Long Thriving for All Youth We Serve, and Continually Improving Services.

The Principles were the result of extensive discussion among providers and advocates on the Coalition’s Prevention Committee in 2017-18, and were adopted at the full Coalition meeting of September 12, 2018.

The next step in the process is to identify 3 or 4 agencies that are willing to be “early adopters” of the Principles, so we can test out various strategies for how to implement them meaningfully.  It has been the goal of the Coalition that the Principles not just be something an agency can sign on to; we are asking for real commitment to better practice, and fundamental improvements in how agencies support the youth in their care. We want adoption of the Principles to represent serious obligations representing an agency’s willingness to confront its challenges in serving youth and work on long-lasting solutions.

Is your agency up to the challenge? We are looking for agencies willing to work seriously with each other, young people, and the Coalition to test out what it takes to really “own” the Principles in real world practice and operations.  Working with these early adopters, the Coalition will develop a series of recommendations and procedures for implementation that will help other agencies implement the Principles going forward.

If you are interested in being an early adopter, please email David Fair at Turning Points for Children. The Coalition's plan is to gauge interest and then have a meeting of the interested agencies to work out how to go forward. If you don’t represent an agency but would like to be part of the group working on implementation of the Principles, let him know that as well.

For more information on the Philly Homes 4 Youth Coalition, email Sean Brown, Coordinator, here.