Nonprofit Issues offers webinar on fiscal sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a time-honored method to spawn new charitable activity when the people with the vision and the energy to do the work do not have recognition of federal tax-exempt status.

It can function smoothly as an incubator of important new projects. Or it can function badly as a serious trap for the unwary.

This webinar will define fiscal sponsorship and discuss the most common types of sponsorship arrangements. It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type and the special considerations for funders, sponsors, and the sponsored.  It will review specific critical provisions of sponsorship agreements, particularly termination and exit issues.

Who should attend:

  •     Organizations that are looking for a fiscal sponsor
  •     Organizations that have been asked to be or have interest in being a fiscal sponsor
  •     Donors to fiscally sponsored projects

Nonprofit Issues® editor Don Kramer will be joined by Jeffrey Fromknecht, an attorney with offices in Western Pennsylvania and Florida and CEO of The Side Project, to discuss the practical issues in administering fiscal sponsorship arrangements. Tish Mogan, Standards for Excellence Director for the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, will be the program facilitator.

You can participate alone or gather people around your computer and ask your questions. In addition to the audio portion, you can also follow along on-line as we review a PowerPoint presentation.

Not able to join us for the live webinar on November 19th? Reserve your copy of the recorded program today. If you purchase this recording before November 19th, we'll give you a $10.00 discount, Nonprofit Issues subscribers get a 15% discount on this program.

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