Philly Counts 2020 to publish monthly social media toolkits

Want to get involved in making sure we have an accurate count for the 2020 Census? Become a Social Media Champion!

Philly Counts is working to make sure that every Philadelphia resident understands the importance of the census, and participates in 2020. Over 1.5 million people live in Philadelphia. That's a lot of people that need to be reached to ensure an accurate count and you will play a critical role by becoming a Social Media Champion, a trusted messenger who has the tools to educate their followers about the census and its impact on our city.

Every month, Philly Counts will publish a Social Media Toolkit that will provide you with the tools to be a succesful Socail Media Champion. Just simply copy and paste the messaging and add the images from the toolkit on your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. Do not forget to include the hashtag #PhillyCounts.

Download Philly Counts Social Media Toolkit here.