How to get donations from a government charitable campaign

A few years ago, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey ceased management of several government employee charitable fundraising campaigns. These campaigns allow government employees to make charitable contributions to nonprofits using payroll deduction.

Local government campaigns include the New Jersey Employee Combined Campaign (NJECC), the City of Philadelphia Employees Combined Campaign, and the (Pennsylvania) State Employee Combined Appeal (SECA).

In order for your charity to be able to receive donations from a government employee through one of these campaigns, your charity must be registered with the new organizations managing these campaigns. If you are not registered, your organization will not appear on the list of approved charities and cannot receive donations through the campaign. You must register separately for each one.

Registration for these campaigns usually takes place between January and March for the fall season. You must renew your registration every year. There is no cost to register. See below for registration contact information for each of these campaigns. Please reach out directly for more information on what information and documents you need to submit as well as registration deadlines.

NJECC: Susan O'Brien, Campaign Manager. Email. Phone: 609-477-8306

City of Philadelphia: Becky Marx, Campaign Manager. Email. Phone: 215-586-3299

SECA: Bill Broughan, Membership Services. Email.