Pennsylvania DHS seeks info on family support programs

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (“Department”) Shared Services for Health and Human Services, Bureau of Procurement & Contract Management has issued a Request for Information (RFI) on behalf of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning’s (OCDEL), Bureau of Early Intervention Services and Family Supports, to solicit input and information concerning Family Support Programs.

The RFI seeks information to assist the Department in the following:
• Gaining awareness of the presence and scope of existing Family Support programs;
• Soliciting input regarding core components and costs of successful Family Support Programs; and
• Ascertaining local interest in the development of Family Support Programs. 

This RFI seeks information to assist in developing the direction and next procurement for department-funded Family Support Programs. For the purpose of this RFI Family Support programs include OCDEL funded Evidence-Based Home Visiting programs, Family Centers, Parenting Classes, and Fatherhood Programs. The Department with OCDEL will craft a competitive Request for Application (RFA) and may revise program operations based on the information it receives from this RFI, in conjunction with research and input on best practices.

View the bid online here. Stakeholders have until noon, March 25, 2020 to submit comments.