City launches online COVID-19 testing site finder

The City of Philadelphia has launched a new testing site finder to help people locate COVID-19 testing sites.

The finder is available in six languages, and the map will be updated regularly as new testing sites change. Testing sites are operated by many different organizations, including hospitals, urgent care clinics and pharmacies, as well as the City of Philadelphia. Please go to the individual site’s contact information for more details.

This tool can help you find a free COVID-19 test in Philadelphia. You can:

• Search for a testing site by address.
• Click on a map location for specific site information.
• Filter the site list by the tags provided.

No testing sites require payment, insurance, or proof of citizenship. But, some sites may limit testing to people who meet certain criteria, require an appointment, require a referral from your doctor, ask you to stay in your car (for drive-thru sites).

Find a FREE COVID-19 Test Near You