PA Sen. Kearney seeks $100m for nonprofits impacted by pandemic

Senator Tim Kearney from the 26th Senatorial District is introducing legislation to appropriate $100 million in Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) grants to 501(c)(3) organizations for losses related to COVID-19.

To quote Senator Kearney's memo:  nonprofits across the Commonwealth are struggling financially in the way of the pandemic...Fundraisers have been cancelled, foundations have had to reduce funding in the face of increased demands, and government assistance has been compromised as budget deficits grow.

If this sounds familiar, please contact your Senate and House representatives with this message:

  • Please support Senator Kearney's proposed bill for $100 million designated specifically for nonprofit organizations. Much COVID-19 related support offered by the state has been directed at small businesses, which we applaud. However, nonprofits function differently and need funding that will help us maintain our employees, who not only work tirelessly to meet the basic needs of those most vulnerable, but contribute to the economy through their income and payroll taxes and their engagement in the marketplace. 

Reach out to members of your Pennsylvania delegation today!

From the PA Association of Nonprofit Organizations