Online youth leadership summit on education equity planned

Youth Leadership Virtual Summit on Education Equity: Inspiring leadership, confidence, and contribution
July 20-22, 2020
Daily from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CST

Our current education systems increase disparities for students of color from the school to prison pipeline and unsafe school climates to whitewashed curriculum and policies. Lack of trauma-informed mental health support, cultural competency, and anti-racist practices create unjust school climates. All of this and more lends itself to education equity remaining one of the greatest issues of our time.

This student-led event will bring together youth to develop their skills for community action through a series of trainings that explore personal identity rooted in social and emotional learning.  The three-day event will provide sessions on the explorations of personal leadership styles and cultural backgrounds, youth/adult partnerships, and action-planning for assessments leading to addressing community needs.

Participants apply their learnings to action-planning. Key to this leadership development is an inquiry process that sparks creativity and social and emotional learning including:

  •     Empowerment – contribution to community
  •     Positive Values – caring, equality and justice, and responsibility
  •     Positive Identity – personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose, positive view of the future
  •     Social Competencies – planning and decision-making, cultural competencies, peaceful conflict resolution

Young People Gain:

  •     The ability to work together with people of all backgrounds
  •     Allies to support leadership development and service-learning action plans
  •     The tools and knowledge to create equitable change in their communities through civic action
  •     Motivation to take action for the common good


  •     Listen to different perspectives and personal experiences
  •     Engage in meaningful leadership activities
  •     Experience discomfort by pushing boundaries, from team-building to conversations about power and privilege
  •     Speak truth about their own stories, recognizing their knowledge and expertise

Topics for discussion may include:

  •     School to Prison Pipeline
  •     Implicit Bias/Subconscious Racism
  •     Culturally-Responsive Education
  •     Current issues involving race in a school environment (ex. police brutality)
  •     Work-Based Learning/Internship/Service-Learning Opportunities
  •     School Segregation
  •     Access to Technology
  •     Access to Food
  •     Lack of Student Voice

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