PA issues RFP for neighborhood blight removal projects

A new program aimed at reducing blight in the Commonwealth is now available through the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA). The program is open until July 31st, 2020. Applications are submitted through the Electronic Single Application portal. Prior to determining whether you will submit an application please carefully review the guidelines.

Eligible projects include:

  • Demolition and clearing of blighted property and property impacted by natural disaster.
  • Planning projects that “lay the groundwork” for future land acquisition, redevelopment and/or management of blighted properties.
  • Acquisition of blighted, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties, and properties impacted by natural disaster, to include related closing and settlement costs.
  • Rehabilitation or reconstruction of blighted properties and/or properties impacted by natural disaster to include activity necessary to remediate safety hazards or improve the appearance of the property.

Administrative costs shall not exceed 2% of the grant award with the exception of Land Banks whose administrative costs shall not exceed 4% of the grant award. A 10% match is required. Planning grants may not exceed $25,000; Remediation grants may not exceed $300,000.