2020 National Women of Color Survey posted online

Recent events throughout our nation have uncovered hidden truths about systemic barriers that have impacted women and people of color for many years. From global protests erupting calling for an end to systemic racism to COVID-19 disproportionately impacting people of color, it is essential to mobilize communities to exercise their right to vote to facilitate change. Right now, more than ever, women of color have tremendous power. The data below tells the story that will be a driving force in the 2020 election and beyond.

Did you know:

  • Women of color are one in four key votes in swing states.
  • In 2018, turnout among women of color voters also surged more than 15 percentage points compared with that of the previous midterm elections in 2014. Women of color also played a central role in engaging with and mobilizing others to participate.

These factors suggest that women of color voters will play a critical role in upcoming elections and their voices deserve to be heard.

Closing the Women's Wealth Gap has issued a  2020 National Women of Color Agenda Survey to their network facilitated by She the People to explore:

  • What do women of color want and how will we bolster a historic turnout this November?
  • What's going to make the difference in the battle for the White House?
  • How do we want to govern, and what will it take to win for our future?

If you identify as a women of color, please click here to take the survey.

From Women's Way