NJ offers childcare aid for families with incomes up to $75,000

Between September 1 through December 30th, families who are not eligible for the State Child Care Subsidy Program but who need child care for their school‐age children because of remote learning AND have annual incomes up to $75,000, will be eligible to apply for child care tuition assistance through a new COVID child care  program. ApplicaƟons will be available this month and will be accepted untill funds are exhausted.

  • Funding at the state’s school‐age subsidy rate will be provided directly to the family’s selected licensed child care center or registered family child care provider.
  • Providers will not receive the additional $75 per month/child for children enrolled in this program. 

For more information and ongoing updates, including the parent application for child care assistance, visit here. For specific issues or concerns, email here.