Creating PRESENCE: New program addresses organizational trauma

As one of the world’s foremost leaders in trauma-informed care and organizational certification, Dr. Sandra Bloom has compiled her trauma research, knowledge, publications and experience to create a new comprehensive model called PRESENCE. She and her long-time associate and seasoned organizational consultant Sarah Yanosy have co-developed this new approach.

The PRESENCE model has been designed to support the multi-faceted roles that staff within organizations play in working with individuals who are impacted by trauma. All training and consultation are online for ease of use by staff. Once an organization has contracted with PRESENCE, it will establish its own Enactment Team that will be coached by PRESENCE staff to implement each aspect of the PRESENCE model and prepare for certification. This process will take approximately 18 months depending on the size and scope of the organization.

The PRESENCE model is divided into 5 tracks in order to address the diversity within organizations. The Introductory Track will be taken by everyone in the organization.

Then the tracks are divided by role and include:

    Leadership Track
    Clinical Track
    Direct Services Track
    Indirect Services Track

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