'Philly 4 Life' conversations unveil new antiviolence initiative

MEE Productions Inc. is hosting a series of Virtual Community Conversations (“Chat & Chews”) about an innovative, youth/school violence-prevention campaign, Philly 4 Life. If you are “Philly for Life”, then join us in creating a space where this generation of Philly teens can focus on living and thriving, NOT Dying due to community violence.

MEE designed and implemented the City’s two most successful youth violence prevention campaigns. Remember OPP (Operation Peace in Philadelphia) or Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia? Now, we are piloting a new intervention that uses a branded and scalable approach that gives youth the behavioral health, emotional regulation and life skills they need to positively cope with the stress and trauma that can put them at risk for being a victim or perpetrator of violence. The digital component of the youth campaign will launch in the Spring of 2021, but we are starting now to build up the kind of “village” required to support safer schools, families and communities.

The 45-minute Zoom calls during the months of November and December will give you a chance to hear how we intend to reduce and prevent the growing problem of youth, school and community violence in our city in a nonpunitive way. We also want to share perspectives and talk about what collectively we can do about it.

Urban trauma is real!! Our youth are exposed to sustained poverty, chronic stress and ongoing violence. Youth from Philadelphia’s hardest-hit neighborhoods are too often demonized and written off. Don’t our youth deserve better from us? MEE’s strength-based (protective factors) approach is based on giving our youth the skills to succeed on the front end, before they are swept further up into systems that are set up for them to fail.

To sign up for one of the virtual conversations, click on the date below:

November 17th 11am

November 17th 3pm

November 19th 1pm

November 19th 6pm

December 2nd 11am

December 2nd 3pm

December 3rd 1pm

December 3rd 6pm