City requests donations of computers for families in need

PHLDonateTech is a Philadelphia initiative calling on residents and businesses to donate, recycle, and provide computers to families and people in need across Philadelphia.

Your devices are needed! We’re looking for laptops and desktops in fair and good condition.

Donate 25 devices or fewer

Visit or text the word PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH (757-703-3824) to get started. Retrievr’s easy-to-use system walks you through how to identify what you are donating and select your collection date. Retrievr will then come to your doorstep to collect your items, and deliver your reusable devices to the NERDiT Foundation. NERDiT will refurbish your devices and provide them to nonprofits, who will distribute them to people in need.

Through January 15, pickups that include laptops and desktops will have the general Retrievr pickup fee waived and these items will be picked up for free. (Please note, Retrievr also collects other electronics and clothing for recycling if you are interested in responsibly recycling other items outside of PHLDonateTech.)

Fill Out Retrievr’s Form

Donate 26 devices or more

Fill out Electronic Access Foundation’s (EAF) form on EAF’S website. EAF will find a time to pick up your equipment for free. EAF will ensure to wipe hard drives and can provide donors with a certificate that they followed the industry’s data security and refurbishment standards. EAF will work with Temple’s CRC to refurbish the computers and provide them to local Philadelphia non-profits to distribute to families in need. All pickups are free.

Fill Out EAF’s Form

Donate to the community device fund

No equipment to donate right now? You can still help families get computers. You can contribute to the Mayor’s Fund dedicated to this initiative. All funds will go to helping get computers into the hands of those who need them. Funds will be dispersed to refurbishers and nonprofits through the Digital Literacy Alliance.

Contribute to the Mayor’s Fund