Consultant offers training for whites committed to racial equity

Hillary Blecker Consulting is sponsoring a series intended for white leaders committed to racial equity and justice, who want to deepen their anti-racist leadership through self reflection of personal racial bias and other obstacles to anti-racist leadership.

We will share, listen, and feel into experiences of whiteness. While individuals set their own goals, our framework is one of healing and mutual support. This process will engage and connect us back to our humanity, bodies, and intuition so we can work for racial justice from a place of wholeness.


  • Group coaching for anti-racist white leaders
  • Healing space to receive support from colleagues and coach
  • Groups will be no larger than six participants
  • Action items and support between sessions


  • Initial 30-minute one-on-one prior to start of sessions
  • Six biweekly sessions
  • Two different day and time options
  •         Thursdays, starting February 11th, 4:30-6pm EST
  •         Wednesdays, starting March 3rd, 9-10:30am EST


    On zoom – all links will be shared and support provided

Register here.