Emergency food and shelter program supports migrants

This notice is to advise that the National Board for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) is now making available all remaining Supplemental Appropriations for Humanitarian Assistance (SAHA) funds for a Round 3 application period; approximately $4.1 million remains for distribution.

Since relatively so few dollars remain, eligible expenses will be considered and prioritized for reimbursement according to sheltering, feeding, transportation, basic heath and first aid, and then other supportive services. The allowable time period for eligible expenditures will be provided in the Round 3 Guidance that will be made available in the coming weeks. The National Board is sending this preliminary notice to advise of the funding opportunity and so that interested nonprofit and government agencies may begin to anticipate what expenditures they would like to submit in their applications for reimbursement.

Any nonprofit or government agency can apply for the funds; current or former EFSP participation is not a requisite for participation. Only agencies that can document expenditures made to migrants released from DHS custody at the southern border are considered to receive funds for eligible services provided. Previous participation in the first and second application rounds do not preclude an organization from applying in the third round for eligible services provided. Please note that this funding is separate from other funding administered by the EFSP, including for Fiscal Year 2019 (Phase 37), Fiscal Year 2020 (Phase 38), and Phase CARES.


• Agencies - Interested agencies should prepare for the application process by gathering and organizing the necessary documentation for eligible service expenditures.

• Local Boards - Local Boards should broadly share information with agencies (nonprofit and governmental) in the community via their networks and coalitions, including social media, as appropriate, regarding potential funding. This notification should aim to reach all agencies whether they have participated in the EFSP in the past.

• SSA Committees - Each SSA Committee is asked to contact the Governor's office of their state to advise of the funding opportunity. Time is of the essence in the distribution of these funds; therefore, SSAs, Local Boards and agencies should be prepared for an accelerated application process. The National Board recognizes that organizations have been facing an increase in the number of migrants seeking safe asylum and that they are once again stepping up to provide this essential assistance. Please expect to see additional details in the coming weeks as the National Board develops the program guidance for this Round 3 application period.

For all questions regarding this preliminary notice, please contact Cindy Volkert at 215-854-7025. You may also contact the national EFSP office at 703.706.9660.