City program recruiting for College and Career Coaches

The City of Philadelphia is reaching out to share the opportunity for individuals to join its team of Americorps College and Career Coaches in the upcoming school year. We are currently hiring a team of 20 Coaches to support hundreds of young people at 4 high schools in Philadelphia.

College and Career Coaches work directly with high school students in Philadelphia coaching and advising them towards high school graduation and their post-secondary plan. We help students set goals towards college, trade school, the workforce, military and national service!

If you know of anyone who interested in working with youth, working in education, counseling, social work or any human service field – this opportunity is an excellent step in their career.

Feel free to visit our website for more information. You can access our application directly here and on our site if you’re ready to apply now!

Apply today! We have limited slots and interview opportunities available immediately!