MCCP seeks support to implement Restorative Justice program

Over 700+ Philadelphians experienced arrest since the civil unrest that occurred in response to the murders of George Floyd and Walter Wallace, and other injustices during the summer of 2020.

Persons impacted the most tended to be neighbors; i.e., residents, business owners, workers, and volunteers from various Philadelphia communities. These individuals, regardless of the formal judiciary response involving them, will live in the same Philadelphia communities while carrying within themselves, and their impacted neighbors, the tensions, hurts, and disappointments that ignited in the heat of trauma, frustration and unresolved anger.

The goal of the Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia is to raise $31,000 (or $62 per person arrested) for the implementation of the Restorative Justice Model referenced below.

Thanks to the work of a cadre of progressive Philadelphia “Legal-Eagles”, a restorative model has been introduced in Philadelphia that fosters a community-inclusive formal response to the harms done. This New Philadelphia Restorative Justice Model (The Program) involves the persons most impacted by the aforementioned civil unrest who were persons harmed, or persons who inflicted harm.

Using the model, neighborhoods will have an opportunity to embark upon a formal, collaborative, and accountable process leading toward empathetic conciliation, accountability, and steps towards repairing the harms done. Participants who complete The Program would have their charges dropped, their
criminal records expunged, and an opportunity to contribute to the restoration of fractured relationships amongst their neighbors - including business owners and/or workers.

This effort is being coordinated by the Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia, a philanthropy committed to nurturing the growing Restorative Cities Movement in Philadelphia using an empowered resident-led, grass roots, community organizing approach: collaboratively involving Philadelphia neighbors “from the porch to City Hall." The Program promotes a just and collaborative restorative response to harm built on the foundation of tried-and-true best practices. The principles and skills acquired during The Program’s operation will remain in the communities and strengthen the social capital of the neighborhood, bringing about favorable responses to conflict and impacting generations to thrive.

The “New Philadelphia Adult Restorative Justice Model” will directly and personally address the harm experienced by so many inter-connected Neighbors, including residents, businesses, workers, and visitors. The New Philadelphia Adult Restorative Justice Model will also allow those 700+ Philadelphians
arrested as a result of their participation in summer’s civil unrest to have their criminal cases dismissed and expunged upon successful completion of The Program.

MCCP does not receive public funding for our service toward this endeavor. We strive to achieve our mission through a grass roots, neighborhood-based, organizing, training, and cross sector community collaboration.

Your tax-deductible donation can be sent via PayPal through this link or via check or money order made payable to:

Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia
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Philadelphia, PA 19139

For more information, email here or call 267-886-3139.