Greater Philadelphia Healthcare Sector Partnership RFP issued

The District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund is a 46-year old, Philadelphia-based labor-management education and training partnership. The Training Fund is a resource for more than 50 regional healthcare and human services worksites represented in our labor affiliate, District 1199C of the National Union of Hospital & Health Care Employees, as well as for more than 5,000 low- and moderate-income residents of the Greater Philadelphia annually.

The Training Fund’s community programs include basic adult literacy, college and high school equivalency preparation, academic bridge classes, and occupational training programs in six healthcare and human services career pathways – allied health, behavioral health, community health, health information, nursing, and Early Childhood Education. In addition, the Training Fund, for the past 15 years, has led the collaboration and service to Philadelphia’s community of health and human services employers, by managing an industry partnership (IP), initially the PA Partnership for Direct Care  Workers and subsequently renamed the Greater Philadelphia Healthcare Partnership. The overarching goal of the IP has consistently been to foster and cultivate a deep, sustained engagement of healthcare industry employers, institutions, educators and facilitators, but the structure of the partnership has evolved significantly alongside the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s Sector Partnership Program.

In February 2021, the Training Fund was awarded a PAsmart Next Generation Industry Partnership planning grant by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. The Training Fund is proposing the relaunch of an enhanced IP, incorporating key elements from the “Next Gen” Sector Partnership model. To facilitate this relaunch, the Training Fund will develop a strategic plan for the IP, focused on being increasingly employer-driven, and more collaboratively sharing “ownership” of the IP’s work and ability to flexibly respond to employer priorities. The new IP will exist to cultivate deeper, broader, and more sustained engagement and leadership from the industry champions within the partnership.

Project Description and Scope of Work
This request for proposals (RFP) solicits the services from an individual, organization, agency or entity with prior experience providing strategic planning services to sector partnerships. This RFP is intended to strengthen collaborative partnerships between existing relationships within the IP, and to develop and establish a new, collaborative partnership between employers, training programs, education providers and workforce development providers within the Greater Philadelphia Area. Building on key elements of the Next Gen model, the purpose of creating an adaptive, employer-driven industry partnership, is to identify resources and needs so that the partnership can correctly align and leverage support in areas of
investment to meet those essentials. The relaunched IP should be oriented towards efficiently, effectively and collaboratively planning, refining and targeting services that respond to employer needs in order to strengthen the regional workforce.

Applicants should have prior healthcare sector experience, as well as experience working with or building out a partnership implementing the Next Gen model. Applicants should also be knowledgeable or have experience working within the Greater Philadelphia and/or similarly-sized
metropolitan regions. Applicants must be capable of convening multiple partners, and experienced building rapport and trust to earn shared investment in strategic plan goals. Applicants will work directly with Training Fund staff and leadership to provide tangible deliverables and the scope of services outlined below.

  • Consultant activities under the awarded contract are expected to include:
  • Literature/field review outlining examples or case studies of other healthcare and/or human services sector partnerships which embrace elements of the Next Gen model
  • Assessment of existing industry partnership, outlining successes and challenges, with particular focus on analyzing gaps or areas of duplication of effort within the sector or region
  • Creation and delivery of a presentation to Training Fund Leadership, outlining a menu of key decision points and recommendations to shape strategic plan development
  • Interviewing and convening current partners, gauging their support, commitment and desire to move forward, particularly using elements of the Next Gen Model
  • Identifying key non-profit and public sector stakeholders, and supporting the convening of a “regional support team,” with particular interest in identifying a “co-convening” agency or agencies to partner with the Training Fund to lead new, more collaborative partnership
  • Identification specific target sector and/or sub-sector(s) of the healthcare and human services industry to be served; identification of key employers and individual executives to be approached for recruitment as “employer champions”

Development of a strategic plan for the IP, containing at a minimum the following:

  • Updated mission, vision and area(s) of focus for the IP
  • Recommended staffing model and organizational structure for the IP, including the
  • identification of key elements of the Next Gen model to be embedded in the structure
  • and operations of the partnerships
  • Proposed 18-month schedule of IP activities/convenings
  • Structure for the development of an employer-driven Action Plan containing measurable outcomes
  • Work plan and timelines for implementation of relaunch, including key success metrics
  • Proposed branding and promotional plan for relaunched IP

Budget & Timetable
Consultants should prepare a budget in the range of $20,000-$30,000 to complete this project, with a proposed six to nine month estimated timetable for completing the scope of services outlined above beginning May 2021.

Submission Instructions and Application Deadline
A letter of intent to apply is requested, but not required. Letters of intent should be received by April 1, 2021. The deadline for full applications is 11:59 PM EDT on April 15, 2021.

All proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be reviewed by Training Fund staff. Proposals should be in either Microsoft Word or PDF format, with an overall length of no more than 15 pages (excluding attachments). Letter of intent and proposal submissions should be sent to Christine Covington-Hoess via email. Emails must have the subject line “IP Relaunch- Individual/Organization Name.” Depending on the volume of responses received, a second round of interviews may be conducted among “finalist” applicants; successful applicants should expect to complete at least one interview before a contract is finalized.

Proposals should include:

  • A cover page which details:
  • Applicant name(s)
  • Primary contact name and title
  • Primary contact phone and email address
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Project narrative responding to this RFP’s “Project Description/Scope of Work” section, including a detailed timeline and list of suggested deliverables. Particular focus on describing how your proposed work will meet the standards outlined in this RFP.
  • Applicant description, and documentation of experience/capacity, responding to “Qualified Applicants/Selection Criteria” section and including contact information for at least two references, per “References” section
  • Proposed project budget, including all program and administrative costs (may be submitted as spreadsheet attachment)

Applicants should also attach résumés/vitae for key personnel. Submission via attachment or hyperlink of at least one example of a written, visual or other relevant product/work sample recently developed as part of a similar project is strongly encouraged.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Covington-Hoess or via telephone at 267-318-8016. Questions and answers will be posted to the Training Fund’s website.. Questions may be submitted up to 5:00 PM (EST) on April 15, 2021.

Proposal Submission / Applicant Selection Timeline

  • March 22, 2021 RFP released
  • pril 1, 2021 Letters of Intent due
  • April 15, 2021, 5:00PM (EST) Deadline for submitting questions
  • April 15, 2021, 11:59PM (EST) Proposals due: late responses will not be considered
  • April 16-25, 2021 Proposal review period, candidate interviews, and selection process
  • April 26, 2021 Notification date
  • May 1, 2021 Finalize contract/project start date (approx.)
  • Oct-Dec 2021 Project end date (approx.)

Qualified Applicants and Selection Criteria
Eligible applicants should be:

  • Able to document successful completion of similar projects, including providing two references (see “References” section).
  • Preference given to candidate with Next Gen Model experience
  • Preference given to candidate with healthcare sector experience
  • Location in the Eastern time zone – to facilitate flexible scheduling during employer and partner engagement phases – is preferred, but not required.

Please provide contact information for two recent clients and/or partners for whom you have recently completed similar projects. Please provide:

  • Client name/organization, and contact information (phone and/or email)
  • Dates of service, and brief (1-3 sentence) description of services provided