DHS unveils new online training programs for foster parents, staff

The Philadelphia Department of Human Services has announced the full launch of Just In Time (JIT) Philadelphia.

The Just in Time training platform will connect foster parents, kinship caregivers, birth parents, child welfare professionals, and other stakeholders with web-based trainings, peer experts, and other resources. Just in Time is being provided to expand access to a myriad of substantial trainings & videos on parenting topics, professional development, permanency, and resource parent empowerment.

Specifically, this flexible, comprehensive training platform will:

  • Increase foster care agencies’ foster parent training offerings.
  • Enhance trainer-parent and agency-parent relationships as a driver for retention of foster parents.
  • Provide professional development/training resources for child-welfare workers, trainers, and professionals.
  • Offer foster parents specific training applicable to their unique situations.
  • Training can be accessed “Just in Time” to help foster parents respond to immediate needs, e.g., bedwetting, externalizing behaviors, bridging the gap, or self-care for foster parents.
  • Increase access to training and provide flexibility on how foster parents receive training hours, removing childcare and agency distance barriers.
  • Offer permanency training for children & families transitioning to permanency.
  • Offer an easy-to-use backend for provider agencies to keep track of training progress.
  • Provide trainers and Resource Parent Support Workers (RPSW’s) with new on-the-spot tools to use for point of contact training with families.

The project was first proposed by the Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) to DHS and is managed by the Univeristy of South Floridia, which supports JIT initiatives in a variety of sites throughout the United States. QPI brings together foster parents, birth parents, professionals and administrators to improve the quality of foster parenting in Philadelphia.

To view the training site, go here.