HealthSpark Innovation Lab grant deadline is Nov. 1

HealthSpark is currently accepting applications to the Innovation Lab Grant Program, with a due date of November 1, 2021.

Please download the RFP here for more information. We have posted a recording of our Info Session, as well as other documents you may find useful during your application preparation (full question list, our application review form, etc).

Designed by our community partners, the Innovation Lab grant program is a unique approach to grantmaking that funds innovative, system-changing project ideas that will create a more financially resilient and just social safety net in Montgomery County, PA.

Grant Program Scope

The Innovation Lab offers grant funding to social safety net providers to research or plan projects, develop proof-of-concept ideas, or pilot new projects or service delivery models. The Innovation Lab is designed fill a gap in the funding landscape in Montgomery County, where our community partners have identified a lack of funding specifically for new, emerging, or untested projects; for planning, group facilitation and partnership-building; for research and consumer engagement support; and for projects without established outcomes.

The Innovation Lab is an important component of the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative, where community partners are able to test new ideas that have the opportunity to address the priorities identified in the Safety Net Resiliency Initiative Framework, linked below. The Innovation Lab grant program is not intended to provide long-term support for new projects, but rather to help organizations develop new ways of doing business that create a more equitable, efficient, coordinated, inclusive, or financially sound system.

The Innovation Lab does not support an individual nonprofit's direct services or general operating costs.

For more details, go here.