Debate in Congress focuses on nonprofit insurance challenges

Community-based nonprofits are being asked to voice their support to increase insurance options for nonprofits by signing onto a letter in support of the Nonprofit Property Protection Act (NPPA).

NPPA is intended to help alleviate the stress that nonprofits experience when trying to find affordable insurance. In a recent Senate hearing, Chairman Sen. Sherrod Brown voiced strong support to improve the availability of insurance to nonprofits. At that same hearing, insurance commissioners denied knowing that nonprofits have problems getting insurance from commercial insurance companies. Nonprofits know that they need more insurance options — especially options that are operated by and for nonprofits. This news article provides more detail on the issue.

More than 3,000 nonprofits have already signed letters urging Congress to pass the Nonprofit Property Protection Act (NPPA) — and their efforts are getting results! Please take one minute to voice your support for increasing insurance options for nonprofits.