'Roadmap' outlines progressive policy agenda for PA

The We The People - PA campaign, a project of Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, has released their Roadmap to a New Pennsylvania.

The "Roadmap" is a comprehensive public policy manual for lawmakers and advocates. From economic and tax fairness issues to healthcare to education to housing and food security to securing our democracy, the "Roadmap" lays out clear solutions to the everyday issues facing Pennsylvanians.

The "Roadmap" is based on the We The People - PA campaign's pro-active issue agenda, which was created by Pennsylvanians who came together in community meetings all over the state in 2018. The campaign reached broad agreement on what they want from state government: public policies that make poor, working-class and middle-class Pennsylvanians safer, healthier, and more prosperous. The "Roadmap" is a more detailed analysis of the challenges Pennsylvanians face and the policies that can be turned into legislation that reflect the principles outlined in the We The People - PA agenda.