Share Food Program seeks volunteers at North Philly, Roxborough sites

Sickness, unemployment, uncertainty, desperation. Let’s face it, so many people are struggling in our current health crisis, particularly those living with limited resources or in underserved communities.

One area of tremendous need is food. Share Food is seeking volunteers to help with their Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) by packing boxes for seniors 60+ that struggle with food insecurity. They are operating out of two locations-  their headquarters in North Philadelphia and a warehouse in Roxborough.

The City of Philadelphia recognizes Share Food as an essential organization because of the critical work they perform and life sustaining resources they provide.

Before you sign-up, here are some things to know about Share Food and safety precautions:

  • Share Food is limiting the number of volunteers @ 13 per shift.
  • Share Food will provide each volunteer with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including gloves, masks & hand sanitizer.
  • Share Food will take the temperature of volunteers when they arrive and sign-in.
  • Share Food has taped off areas for each volunteer to maintain physical distance.
  • Share Food requires each volunteer to sign a release form.

As you consider this volunteer opportunity, please exercise common sense and personal safety, for yourself and others with whom you may come in contact. For example, do not offer to volunteer if you are not feeling well or have recently been ill.

Volunteer here.

From Global Citizen