Mayor's office seeks Racial Equity Manager for DEI office

Mayor Kenney created the City’s first Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, (“CDEIO”), and created the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

A primary duty of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is to make recommendations over the long term that work to build a more inclusive City workforce related to race, ethnicity, disability status, gender, and sexual orientation. As Philadelphia’s neighborhoods continue to grow and evolve, this office will reinforce the Mayor’s commitment to ensuring that the services provided and dollars expended by local government are a strong and vibrant model of fairness among the diverse groups that make up the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will focus on promoting the value that diverse populations bring to our city; and for everyone, will fairly and equitably promote opportunities to be a part of the government.

Job Description
DEI is seeking an individual to join the office as the Racial Equity Manager. This essential position will report to the Deputy Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, and support DEI and City leadership by coordinating efforts to integrate racial equity principles into City operations, projects and services through the application and integration of best practices, training and development of City staff, and tracking and measurement of outcomes. Duties and assignments will be broad in scope and strategic in nature, including diverse project management, strategic planning, complex analysis, research coordination, and administrative functions as required.

Essential Functions

Initial Strategy Launch

    Coordinate the development and implementation of the City’s racial equity action plan, through project management and the facilitation of a multi-stakeholder planning process.
    Coordinate and provide administrative support for meetings and other information-gathering strategies to advance the strategic planning process.
    Work closely with City leadership and DEI to drive movement in between meetings.
    Facilitate communication between City leadership, DEI, City staff, and consultants engaged in equity-focused projects.


    Support leadership in the development and implementation of organizational initiatives, objectives, and strategies related to the advancement of racial equity;
    Coordinate and provide project management support to ongoing initiatives. Manage and track action items and deliverables across multiple racial equity initiatives and working groups;
    Conduct and synthesize research on best practices to advance equitable outcomes, and inform the design and implementation of the city’s racial equity agenda;
    Model the use of racial equity strategies and tools to evaluate programs, policies, and practices with City staff and key community partners in order to improve service delivery;
    Establish and maintain effective working relationships with City officials, City staff, and community stakeholders, by contributing to mutually beneficial projects, identifying opportunities to collaborate, and attending meetings and events to stay informed of one another’s work;
    Manage correspondence with, and communicate the City’s racial equity-related goals to different audiences, including City employees across departments, key community stakeholders, and others;
    Support City departments to design and implement departmental racial equity plans;
    Assist departments in engaging underrepresented groups to determine and implement potential strategies for changing systems and removing barriers;
    Serve as a liaison to City departments and key stakeholders during decision-making and other processes to adapt policies and services to meet the needs of various groups;
    Assist in the collection and analysis of data to inform strategies and tactics or increased racial equity in City programs and services.
    Other activities include: participating in grant writing, drafting testimony, facilitating meetings, planning outreach events, and participating in various working groups or committees.

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