Tackling America's opioid epidemic from the ground up

Many agencies and organizations are struggling to engage members of affected communities with opioid prevention, recovery and treatment messaging, due to stigma related to addiction, ineffective outreach strategies, low levels of trust in government institutions and other challenges. Without open and honest dialogue, residents will continue to be less than optimally aware of local recovery and treatment services and other overdose prevention resources.

MEE has services that can help agencies and organizations in any size community to enhance their outreach, engagement and prevention efforts, particularly with low-income and hard-to-reach audiences.

Digital/Social Media 101 for Public Health Training: Opioid Overdose Prevention Series
MEE‘s Digital/Social Media 101 for Public Health Training: Opioid Overdose Prevention Series consists of four (4) one-hour Webinars that introduce participants to the essentials of digital media for public health so they can use popular digital platforms to “move the numbers” and more effectively reach and communicate with their constituents and potential partners. The training series features community-tested social media strategies that can be used immediately, even by organizations with resource limitations. It also includes access to message/materials templates MEE has developed to jump start your creative processes.

Training Sessions
1. Getting Started with Social Media
2. Posting on Social Media
3. Gaining Followers on Social Media
4. Analytics & Insights

Customizable Content for Community Outreach
• Narcan Education
• Pill Disposal
• Call 911 (Good Samaritan Laws)
• Joining a Coalition
• Overdose Prevention

This training is designed for:
• Drug-Free and Prevention Coalitions
• Recipients of Opioid Misuse Prevention Grants (state, county, city)
• Health Departments/Mental Health Departments
• Hospitals and Other Healthcare Organizations Partnering with NGOs and CBOs
• Professional Development Coordinators

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How to Learn More

Click here to go to our Opioid TA and Training Landing Page. Fill out the form with your contact information and one of MEE’s Senior Vice Presidents will reach out to you.