CORA Services offers a Family Resource Line

CORA has been developing a Family Navigation Center with one element being a call-in line (215-342-7660) to assist families with general questions when navigating their family’s educational, emotional and social hardships. This call-in line is just one piece of a comprehensive plan to provide families with a full concierge service to walk them through these kinds of issues. The COVID-19 crisis has brought new stressors and new questions/issues to the individuals and families in our community so we decided to lauch this line as an immediate response to those unmet needs.

Do you have homework or homeschooling questions as you attempt to balance working from home with educating your children? CORA has educators willing to speak with you now and assist as best they can. Do you need assistance accessing any of your basic needs? Our case workers who are ready to take your call and walk you through some of this.

Perhaps you are experiencing new concerning behaviors in your children as a result of their disrupted routines. You shouldn’t need a diagnosis to ask questions, and you shouldn’t have to pay for a friendly voice to walk you through a new and challenging landscape. Should it be determined that you need more extensive services such as ongoing therapy – we can refer you quickly. If we are unable to assist you with certain needs, we will direct you to someone who can.

It’s simple to be connected: Just call 215-342-7660 and someone will direct you to a professional after some brief questions to ensure you’re being connecting with the right team member. The Family Resource Line runs Monday through Friday, 9AM to 1PM, and Wednesday extended evening hours are from 3PM – 7PM. While these hours reflect the times you can be connected to a live professional, CORA’s lines are open all of our normal operating hours for any other inquiries. If you’d prefer to send a message, you may email here.