TreePhilly program offers trees for planting on your property

This spring TreePhilly is hosting 12 contactless tree pick-up events and offering a limited tree delivery program for Philadelphia residents in high-risk populations or those unable to pick up a tree in their car.

We are also hosting events and offering tree delivery with community partners in some of the neighborhoods that need trees the most. Registration is open for all of the events and delivery opportunities below. Trees are available while supplies last and pre-registration is required.

Trees are available for Philadelphia residents only and must be planted in the ground (not in a pot) on private property in the city of Philadelphia. If you are looking to have a tree planted on the street (in the spot between the sidewalk and street), click here to sign up for a free street tree!

Tree pick-up events and deliveries will be executed with strict adherence to social distancing guidelines in order to protect against the spread of COVID-19. To receive a tree, you MUST pre-register for an event. Trees will NOT be available to walk-ins.

Go here to view pick-up events and times

How to Register for a Drive-through Pick-up Event
Find a city-wide or community-specific event here and follow the link or contact the community partner listed to register for your tree. Community-specific events are intended for residents of the areas around the event and may have restrictions on who can sign up.

You will need to sign up for a 30-minute window within the event time to pick up your tree and plan to arrive to the event in a vehicle. This allows us to minimize crowding and ensure everyone’s safety. Your tree will only be available during that 30 minute window, and late or early arrivals will not receive a tree. You will be expected to load your tree into your own vehicle. This will help us maintain proper social-distancing and will help keep everyone safe and healthy. We will contact you the week before the event to confirm your registration and provide additional details on how to pick up your tree.

How to Register for Delivery
Delivery is offered primarily for people who: 1) are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19, 2) do not have a vehicle to attend an event, or 3) are not available to pick up a tree during an event time. Some community partners are offering only delivery within their neighborhood. In these cases, anyone from the community listed is welcome to sign up for delivery, and others should find a different event. To register for a tree delivered to your home, fill out the form linked or contact the community partner listed in the registration note.

Note: We will deliver your tree, mulch, and information about planting and caring for your tree, but you are responsible for planting your tree. If you need assistance planting your tree, please apply for a tree using our Limited Mobility Application.

Choose the Right Tree for You
Need help deciding which tree is right for your yard or want information on caring for your tree? Review the tree species offered this season to learn more about the trees’ sizes, sunlight needs, and levels of maintenance! Check out our Yard Tree Planting and Care Page to learn more about caring for your trees!

Need Help Planting a Tree?
If you have limited mobility and cannot pick up and plant your tree, we offer a free delivery and planting service. Access our Limited Mobility Application, OR send us an email or leave us a voicemail at 215-683-0217 with your name and address and we will mail you a paper application.

Find the right event or delivery option for you!