Ending Racism Partnership encourages completion of survey

In the wake of the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Ending Racism Partnership would like to share a statement from our Co-Chair, President/CEO of the Urban Affairs Coalition, Sharmain Matlock-Turner:

- - -

For the millions of Americans who have struggled to process the horrifying, repeated incidents of police violence against our Black brothers and sisters, last Tuesday’s verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin represents that accountable justice can indeed be served for a life that has been stolen.

The details of the murder of George Floyd are all too familiar to us now, the incident captured on video for the world to see. His words “I can’t breath” struck a profound chord and became a mantra for a movement that grew in the wake of his death. For me, that 9 minutes and 29 seconds feels like a life-time – of racism, oppression, injustice, and inequity. Tuesday’s verdict is a reminder to hold in remembrance the Black and Brown individuals across America who have been wrongly arrested or apprehended and killed by police. Say their names.

As we all exhale in relief that accountability and justice was served, we know we must continue the fight to break this cycle of racism and injustice. Within the last few weeks we've continued to see black men and women killed by police; and justice must prevail.

As his six-year-old daughter Gianna said, George Floyd has changed the world. His life and death has ignited a generation to end injustice and racism. Moving forward, we must join hands for radical change in policies and procedures that respectfully reflect the rights of Black bodies; policies that support a culture where all people are protected and served without constantly having to look over their shoulder for fear of being killed. We simply cannot continue on like this without real reform.

Let us remember George Floyd. Let his life serve as the catalyst to further the Black Lives Matter movement. Let this trial crystalize the need to expedite reforms to end racism. And let this verdict give some peace to the Floyd family and the nation that has grieved with them.

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Ultimately, we know that more needs to be done to dismantle systematic racism. The Ending Racism Partnership believes we can create an equitable Philadelphia, where laws, policy, and human interaction are governed by a common belief in our shared equality, irrespective of race, nationality, ethnicity, or color of skin. While we know this will not be an easy task, together we can make real change!

Share your voice in this crucial effort by completing the survey and encouraging your community members to complete it, too!


The survey will close on May 7. The Partnership will share the results in May and identify ways to begin the work to build a systematic response to ending racism in Philadelphia.

Please take a few moments to forward this request with your networks.

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