New US legislation would simplify federal grant applications

The National Council of Nonprofits (NCN), the national leader in building nonprofit coalitions providing a united front in bringing issues to our members of Congress, is encouraging support for the Streamlining Federal Grants Act (S. 2286/H.R. 5934), which seeks to:

  • Improve the effectiveness and performance of federal grants and cooperative agreements;
  • Simplify the application and reporting requirements; and
  • Facilitate greater coordination among federal agencies responsible for delivering services to the public.

Notable for nonprofits, the bill promotes consultation with charitable organizations and governments and calls for improving services delivered to communities and organizations that historically have been unable to access federal grants or cooperative agreements.

This initiative will ultimately make it easier for nonprofits everywhere to fulfill on their mission, which is the thinking behind the Streamlining Federal Grants Act. In the spirit of collective action, we invite you to support this initiative, too, regardless of whether or not your organization receives federal funds. And please pass this on to nonprofit partners in your network to add their voices, too. Because what makes one of us stronger makes all of us stronger.

ACTION: Read the nonprofit coalition letter in support of the Streamlining Federal Grants Act. All charitable nonprofits are invited to sign on.