211: Violence prevention support is a call, text, or online chat away

For Philadelphians, violence prevention support is a call, text, or online chat away.

Gun violence remains a growing concern in our region. It’s one of the top issues Philadelphia residents considered when they cast their votes in November’s mayoral election.

That’s why, in 2022, your United Way partnered with the City of Philadelphia to add a violence prevention option to the 211 Resource Hotline. The Hotline, which already provided 24/7 real-time support for people seeking help with benefits access, housing, and healthcare, is now able to assist individuals engaging in violence or who live in neighborhoods experiencing high rates of crime.

Now, individuals can call 211, send a text to 898-211, or enter a live chat at pa211.org and get connected to trained Resource Navigators who can lead them to preventative services, grief support, and more in over 150 languages.

No matter who you are, the Violence Prevention Hotline can help.

Whether you’re a parent concerned that your child is engaging in violence, a young adult who finds themselves reluctantly hanging out with the wrong crowd, a concerned citizen who no longer feels safe in your neighborhood, or a victim of gun violence, the Hotline will connect you to resources tailored for your situation. No judgment, just support.

United Way is committed to strengthening the hotline and spreading hope.

This year, United Way is renewing our investment in the Hotline and spreading the news about this important tool with two new public service announcements (PSAs) so people and families know about the services at their fingertips. The ads are running on television, online, radio, and social media.

Become a part of our outreach efforts by viewing the PSAs below and sharing them with your friends, family, and colleagues. Forward this email or share the YouTube links on social media.

Bring Back the Love: Violence Prevention Hotline PSA
Prodigal Son: Violence Prevention Hotline PSA

Please note: While the hotline provides critical support, individuals facing immediate danger should always contact 911.