Workshop for Group Facilitators: Navigating Difficult Conversations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

February 15th, 7:30-9:00 PM, Virtual

Navigating Difficult Conversations is a workshop to help you practice skills for engaging with sensitive and challenging topics. Develop skills to bring empathy, understanding, and curiosity to conversations you have or facilitate. Share stories and learn tips for honest and authentic exchanges, whether at home or in the workplace. Learn alternative ways to invite meaningful dialogue that doesn't lead to conflict.

What you'll learn

  • Practice deep listening and staying present through difficult conversations.
  • Discover how your own opinions, triggers, and blind spots, can influence your ability to enter into conversation with integrity and objectivity.
  • Leave with practices, and wisdom to apply to a wide range of encounters.

Interfaith Philadelphia’s experiences and history in interfaith engagement offer guidance, practices, and wisdom that can be applied to a wide range of dialogue-based encounters. We have the potential to correct misunderstandings and heal divisions and conflicts that characterize far too many of our interactions and relationships and damage our shared democracy.