Police Commissioner Bethel releases 100-Day Public Safety report

Coinciding with Mayor Cherelle Parker’s 100th day in office, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel has released a comprehensive 100-day Public Safety Report. The report provides a strategic blueprint to deliver on the mayor’s promise of a safer city.

The report comes as Philadelphia continues to experience a significant drop in homicides - 37% year-over-year since April 2023 - ahead of many other major U.S. cities.

The initial phase of Commissioner Bethel’s plan aims to decrease citywide homicides and shooting victims by 20 percent, setting goals of 328 or fewer homicides and 1,328 or fewer shooting victims annually. Phase II pushes for a further 25 percent reduction below pre-pandemic levels, aiming for 246 or fewer homicides and less than 1,000 shooting victims annually.

To achieve these ambitious goals, Commissioner Bethel will leverage successful strategies, emphasizing data-driven initiatives. This approach combines community policing, problem-solving, focused deterrence, and other offender-focused strategies, collaborating closely with law enforcement partners to sustain the decline in gun violence.

A key focus will be directing more resources to the 10 districts responsible for 78 percent of shooting victims, with intensified efforts in specific high-risk areas targeting individuals in hot spot locations.

Emphasizing a data-centric strategy, the Commissioner’s plan includes systems to translate data and intelligence into actionable insights. Recognizing the limitations of solely policing to reduce homicide rates, the approach emphasizes community engagement and strategic problem-solving.

The Civic Coalition to Save Lives commends Commissioner Bethel’s bold objectives and his commitment to marshaling resources and relationships toward these goals. The Coalition pledges full support as the Commissioner refines this plan into a comprehensive five-year strategic framework.

Progress in reducing gun violence over the past year is encouraging. Mayor Parker emphasizes the necessity of collective effort, stating that the administration cannot tackle this challenge alone. The Civic Coalition reaffirms its readiness to contribute all available resources toward the shared goal of reducing gun violence.

For more details on the Philadelphia Police Department’s 100-Day Report, click here.

From The Civic Coalition to Save Lives