GOP House adopts proposal to cut $30 billion from SNAP benefits

A House bill that would cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by $30 billion (with a 'B') over the next decade has passed out of committee in Congress. The bill is expected to go up for a vote next on the House floor.

The regulations regarding SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, are part of a Farm Bill. The current version of the bill expires in September. SNAP is the nation’s largest anti-hunger program, greatly helping to reduce hunger and poverty across the country. Studies show the program contributes to better outcomes in education, health, and economic security.

More than 40 million people participate in SNAP each month, including nearly 2 million Pennsylvanians. The proposed cuts would affect all participants and their ability to put food on the table. This comes at a time when food prices in Philadelphia rose by 7.4 percent last year, the highest of any metro area in the U.S.

House and Senate Democrats are working to prevent the cuts along with advocates like the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN), but we need your help! Use PHAN's take-action tool to send a quick message to your representative today telling them to vote "NO" on this version of the Farm Bill.

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