On-demand webinar discusses mental health of young people

How can we open up a dialogue on mental health with the young people in our lives? What steps can we collectively take to address the rise in youth suicide rates?

Some 50 people across the country joined a virtual conversation about why it’s so important to open up a dialogue about youth mental health and suicide prevention in our homes, schools, and communities, and how to get started. Designed for educators and all those working closely with youth, the conversation aimed to emphasize the importance of making space for mental health care in our lives, and prioritize students’ mental health as part of everyday practice in education spaces.

The webinar featured Micah and Sydney Fink, co-hosts of Conversations With Sydney, a solutions-oriented mental health podcast series distributed by WBGO Studios and supported by the Pulitzer Center that discusses teen mental health and suicide prevention. Micah and Sydney shared what led them to create Conversations With Sydney, what they learned through the process, and what they hope others will learn from the podcast.

Keep the conversation going with this on-demand webinar about youth mental health that you can watch at your convenience. Watch now.